ItalBest Valve

ItalBest Valve

ItalBest Valve has been established with the concept of carrying into the world the sophistication of a Made in Italy product, growing as independent valve producer in the Italian and world business.
Thanks to the idea of its founder to provide products of good quality, the company became so competitive in the Valves market that it managed to develop a high-quality production unit.

Moreover, our highly skilled and trained staff allows us to match a wide range of product, meeting a large number of customers’ requirements.
ItalBest Valve’s main activity is ball valves’ manufacturing, developing a wide web of suppliers, thanks to the strategic geographic area in which the Company is located, in northern Italy (Milan area).

ItalBest Valve operates in the oil & gas field, nuclear, water, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, drain, food industries and many others.

Now, our Company covers an area of about 15.000 square meters, with a machining area which allows the company to guarantee its customers a fast delivery. In the assembly and test area we can produce and test valves up to 80’’.

ItalBest valve, through agreements with Italian partner companies, supply a wide range of supplementary products, such as fittings, flages, dismantling joint.

Our company provides also a valuable support on mounting and maintenance on site of all products supplied by us (valves, fittings, flages, dismantling joint), ensuring a reliable assistance on the construction through our best efficient team of experts and skilled local operators.

The main purpose of the Company is to guarantee its customer:
Reliability – Attention on all requests – Precision in every phase of production – Final products of high quality – After sales service.

Our mission lays the foundation for the efficiency in maintaining highest quality and refinement typical of the Italian spirit.
Our main is to satisfy our clients, for which we are not mere suppliers, but active cooperator of their success.
A Key aspect of our company is the importance given to the safety of our employees through the strict respect of the legislation and the daily training performed.
The Company’s strength is the peculiar attention in every phase of production, but above all, on quality, both on raw material and machining.

The Company constantly analyses new markets around the world in order to be walking into new global requests and develop new engineering for new businesses.
Manufacturing our products, we involve a wide range of high-quality material, in order to satisfy clients’ expectation on MADE IN ITALY value.