Our company, which was founded in
1963 by PAOLO DALMONTE, began its operations in various sectors including
shipbuilding, chemicals, oil, underwater works, and industrial plants. The
experience we gained during these years is fundamental for the development of
our entrepreneurial philosophy, oriented towards maximum flexibility, in-depth
training of our personnel, and the search for dialogue and collaboration with
our clients.

Since 1975, under the impetus of
leading machinery manufacturers and commercial companies, DALMONTE PAOLO S.n.c.
has concentrated its resources on the production of components, spare parts,
and accessories for concrete pumps and concrete mixer trucks. As a result,
DALCOM S.r.l. was founded in 1988 with the aim of expanding into international
markets by integrating the production of DALMONTE PAOLO S.n.c. with a new range
of products marketed by itself.

Thanks to the construction in 1993
of a new facility in a production area of 3800 sq.m., the real
industrialization of the group began. The purchase of modern CNC automatic
machines gradually brought DALCOM into a high-quality production dimension
based on the research and development of new materials and new processing

During these years, the construction
of a dense distribution network in many countries began, but above all,
relations with the main global manufacturers were consolidated. These relations
still constitute the commercial backbone of the company as well as a very
important source of technological development and expertise.